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GFC Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code is to provide a basis for the standards of behavior that members of the GFC are expected to aspire towards. Keep in mind that these are to be considered guidelines and not rules, unless otherwise specified.



    In the words of the guildleader, "Any guild that claims to be 'drama-free' is either lying, in denial, or lucky enough to have not experienced it yet." As members of GFC, you are expected to be mature enough to handle disputes and disagreements like responsible adults. Incidents that require intervention will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Consistently behaving irresponsibly or maliciously at the expense of your guildmates will eventually get you removed.


    GFC strongly believes that the quality of a player has absolutely nothing to do with their real-life gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. Picking on new players or attempting to bully someone out of the guild is reason enough to get you removed.


    Keep in mind that this is the internet. What is offensive to one person may be perfectly normal to someone of a different background. In regards to conduct between guild members, context is everything. Are you quoting a line from a movie or rap song that happens to have a demographic slur in it? That's not an issue. Are you deliberately using a demographic slur to verbally attack another guild member? THAT will get you in trouble.


    GFC no longer accepts new members under the age of eighteen.


    As a member of the GFC, your behavior and attitude directly influences what other people think of our guild and your fellow GFC members. This includes what you post on your Enjin wall or your friends walls, what you post in a forum, how you interact with other players in-game, and even how you interact with other guild members. If someone leaves the guild, they will take their memory of the guild with them, and will likely tell their other friends or future guildmates about GFC for better or for worse. This is especially true in the case of new members. The first impression is extremely important.


    The explicit depiction or description of sexual acts (aka erotic roleplay or ERP) is technically a violation of the SWTOR Rules of Conduct. However, we do not believe it is the guild's job to dictate what you choose to privately get involved with. THAT BEING SAID, as a member of this community, you must not do anything that would tarnish the guild’s image, such as publicly advertising or asking random strangers for ERP. That can be considered harassment and you will likely be reported to Customer Service. You should not be actively trying to find ERP in the first place! But if at some point during the course of roleplaying, your character is approaching a potentially sexual situation with another character, you must make sure you clearly communicate with the other player OOCly to make sure your intentions and boundaries are made absolutely clear. Ask if they would prefer a “fade-to-black” solution to skip over a potentially uncomfortable scenario and discuss what is implied to have happened. But if you both agree that you would prefer to “roleplay it all the way through,” two things are incredibly important.


    This can get you into BIG trouble. So always ask about a player’s Real Life age if you are getting anywhere near this territory. ALWAYS.

    “NO” MEANS “NO!!!!”:

    This is probably the most important thing of all. Even if you get some IC and/or OOC social cues that make you think they might be open to ERP, always get clear consent from the other player before attempting to do anything explicit. If another player tells you that they are uncomfortable or that they don’t want to, STOP! Because just because they are comfortable with one thing doesn’t mean they are comfortable with everything. So again, make sure boundaries are very clearly communicated. It’s probably smartest and safest to just avoid ERP altogether like the vast majority of players. However, if you and another player do choose to roleplay your characters “doing it”: be smart, and be safe, and for goodness sake keep it on your ship! If not out of the game altogether. The last thing anyone here needs is for the entire guild to get a bad rep because someone was stupid enough to accidentally post their most intimate moments in general chat. So again, when it comes to ERP, we’ll stay out of your private business, as long as you don’t do anything that could end up hurting the reputation of entire guild, or worse: you get into a situation that you or another player is uncomfortable with and feel hurt as a result.