Calendar Key
  • BLUE: Pub-Side Events.
  • PURPLE: Imp-Side Events.
  • GREEN: Intel Events.
  • RED: Ranger Events.
  • BROWN: Support Events.
  • GREY: Other.
Guild Time
Welcome to the GFC guild event calendar page. This is one of the most important resources on the site. All GFC members have the ability to add their own events to the calendar. Use the color-codded key to the left to get familiar with the basic categories we use for organization.

If you are planning an event for other guildies to attend, you should first post a thread in the UPCOMING EVENTS section of the guild forums, so you can organize all the IC and OOC info, add location screenshots, and so on. Then make sure you provide a link to your event thread in the description area of calendar item when you schedule the event. IMPORTANT: Made sure you set "View Access" to "Access:All" so visitors can see your event too.

If it's something very small or very straightforward, then you don't need to include an event thread.

Other important terms to know: IC-Full, no PvP or PvE combat involved. (Lowbie NPCs vs. High lvl characters still counts as there is no real threat.) IC-Part, some PvE content or PvP mechanics mixed with RP. (Examples: Adapting flashpoints or heroics to IC scenarios, or an RP event with /duel combat mechanics.) IC-None, the scenario may still have IC relevance, but the gameplay itself is amlost entirely OOC due to the amount of concentration or effort involved. (Examples: Adapting an Operation to an IC scenario, or open-world RP-PvP.)

We hope these guidelines help you in planning events or choosing some to join. Remember to check out the guild forums for ideas and feedback.