Cell Assembly AAR

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(IC): The Fifth Column gathered on Tatooine near the layer of an gigantic beast that Jaz'ruby called "Tiny-Tim." This particular Cell Assembly was a bit bolder than most, because we allowed for several outside bystanders to participate. Luckily, the Sovereign Aeons didn't get wind of our meeting. But once again, the number of Columnists in attendance at this Cell Assembly was impressive if not record-breaking. We first discussed a few important topics such as our ongoing negotiations with the Order of the Crimson Blade, the Aeon War, and our plans to locate and free Kreighton Brams. We determined that freeing Kreight is our number one priority at this time. But then, as a test for some of the newer Columnists, we brought out Tiny-Tim. And despite the attempted intervention of a bounty hunter to steal our kill, we took down both the monster and the bounty hunter. After which, Ray coined a new catchphrase -- "DON'T MESS WITH THE FIFTH!" We decided to celibate by kicking back at the slippery slopes cantina on Nar Shaddaa. Mai Cash, an investigative reporter was with us on Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa to write a piece about the Fifth Column and our little expedition today. We'll inform you when her story is released. UDPATE: Here is Mai Cash's article.

(OOC): We met near Trapjaw's spawnpoint (Trapjaw is the Tat world boss) and we got a few people who were waiting for the activating skull to spawn and they ended up joining the RP. There was also a bounty hunter whom we began to suspect was going to try be a troll and steal the world boss from us. Anyway, we kept RPing and people kept showing up (mostly Columnists, but also Mai Cash from SWTOR-RP.com.) Then the skull spawned and we managed to activate it before the bounty hunter (because, just as we thought, he was indeed trying to ninja the world boss.) But then the BH drew trapjaw away and force the world boss to reset, then he raced back to the skull on his speeder and beat us to it. So we decided to beat him at his own game. I told Jayla to tank the boss and force another reset while others waited to activate the skull. It worked, but the bounty hunter was persistent. I told our Imperial Fifth Column members (who were flagged for PvP at the time) to use a heal on the bounty hunter, thereby activating his PvP flag and allowing us to take him down. And that's when Ray said, "DON'T MESS WITH THE FIFTH!" Then we killed the world boss, officially invited Rhagejo into the Republic Fifth Column, and answered a few of Mai Cash's interview questions. Then we went to Nar Shaddaa where Jaz, Stasa, and Jayla did their thing...

Jaz, Stasa, and Jayla are at it again...

And some of more... self-respecting Columnists ;) (like Shirala and Giovane) were like "well this is awkward." And that might be an issue worthy of further discussion. TO THE FORUMS!!!!

I hope everyone had fun last night. I know I did. This is probably one of the first planned Fifth Column events where I had more fun than stress :D