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The Galactic Fifth Column

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The Galactic Fifth Column began as a small band of renegades started by a Jedi Knight named Meekiel Dek shortly after the Sacking of Coruscant. Meekiel's specialty was Jedi lore, and he decided to follow the example of Revan and continue fighting the Republic's enemies without the approval of the Republic or the Jedi Order. He spent the next ten years forming his own army in secret. Meekiel's patriotic conspiracy included many of his fellow Jedi, members of the Republic Special Forces or other military backgrounds, and many free-traders, privateers, or anyone else who had an interest in taking action against the Empire without the burden of protocol or red tape.

Rumors of a fifth column movement spreading across the galaxy were largely disregarded by official sources within the Republic as a myth dreamt up by conspiracy theorists on the Holonet. The Empire was not so skeptical, and quickly added this alleged "Galactic Fifth Column" to it's all-encompassing list of "terrorist threats." However, Imperial Intelligence was unable to track down the leaders of this conspiracy because their efforts were covertly sabotaged by GFC sympathizers and double-agents. Meekiel and his allies began orchestrating a series of guerrilla strikes against the Sith Empire and those who align themselves with it.

One of those groups was the Aeons of Korriban, a sect of Sith that dwelt in the shadow of the ancient tombs of Korriban long after the world had fallen to the Republic in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War. For generations, the Aeons greatest rival was the Order of the Crimson Blade, an equally secretive society formed to protect the Jedi Council, unbeknownst to the Council itself. Despite the intervention of the Blades, the Aeons were able to play a critical role in laying the groundwork for the Empire's return. When the Empire sacked Coruscant, the Aeons were among the Sith who stormed the Jedi Temple. This made the Aeons a prime target for the Galactic Fifth Column.

Unfortunately, Meekiel let his own desire for retribution cloud his judgment. He had witnessed his own master fall in the Temple's defense as the killer snarled, "Tell your Jedi friends that the Aeons of Korriban sent you!" At first, Meekiel was careful, only targeting low ranking members of the Aeons of Korriban, which had since become known as the Sovereign Aeons. But as time went on, Meekiel grew bolder. Nine years after the Treaty of Coruscant, the Galactic Fifth Column launched a massive strike against the Aeon Temple on Korriban. The attack quickly turned into a rout. The Galactic Fifth Column was only saved because Kreighton Brams, Meekiel's second in command, stunned his friend and evacuated the remaining Fifth Columnists out of the system.

Kreighton and Meekiel had been close friends back when they were just padawans training to become Jedi Knights, but Kreighton's eagerness to help fight off the Sith invasion had lead him quit the Order to join the Republic Military. The two didn't see each-other again until the Sacking of Coruscant, during which Kreighton's entire unit was wiped out after boarding an Imperial Battlecruiser. Kreighton's escape pod was found by Meekiel. Officially, they were both declared missing. In reality, they had gone into hiding to begin planning for what would become the GFC.

Nine years later, after the failed attack on Korriban, Kreight took the wounded Meekiel Dek to a safehouse on Ord Mantell, where they were contacted by a slicer known only as CODENAME:NILE. NILE had served as the GFC's eyes and ears on the holonet for years, despite the fact that no one had ever seen his face unmasked or heard his voice unfiltered. The only clue to his possible identity was the way in which he would speak. While not as common as the Dromund Kaas accent, NILE's dialect was always distinctly Imperial.

That, combined with his slicing prowess and technological expertise, lead to speculation that Nile could have been an Imperial Fixer Agent gone rogue. Yet to this day he is still considered one of the GFC's most valued operatives, if not its man-behind-the-curtain. That is why CODENAME:NILE was quick to warn Kreighton and Meekiel that "the reaper has raised the vibroscythe," meaning that danger was coming fast.

Meekiel refused to run and not be held accountable for those whom he had led to their deaths. He named Kreighton the new leader of the Galactic Fifth Column before being slain by Darth Harbinger of the Sovereign Aeons. Kreighton and Nile escaped Ord Mantell and evaded the Aeon Hunters who continued to track them.

It was after this that Kreighton was contacted by the Order of the Crimson Blade. Their age-old feud with the Aeons had whittled away at the Blade's numbers, and so they approached Kreighton Brams with the offer of an alliance -- an alliance that would eventually result in the Order of the Crimson Blade becoming an autonomous cell within the Galactic Fifth Column.

Fast-forward to thirteen years after the Treaty of Coruscant. War has once again broken out between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The Republic's recent victories have seemingly left the Empire in a state of chaos, in no small part due to the rebuilt Galactic Fifth Column. However, the GFC is not letting its guard down. The Sith are beginning to put aside their petty power struggles are turn their attention back to the Republic. There is also little doubt that the Sovereign Aeons will once again be at the tip of the spear, and the Galactic Fifth Column must be ready for them.